Environmental Initiative

Being engaged and responsible citizens of our environment is the beginning of our contribution to become a sustainable society. We have always stimulated all the people we are communicating with to take measures for implementation of sustainability in their lifestyles, as the everyday actions are the most important measures due to their far reaching effects and the level of awareness they reveal. We are aware of the fact, that our activities have a negative impact on the environment. However, we possess the capacity and know how to implement beneficial and productive practices, because reducing our impact and being environmentally conscious now is more important than ever.

Our environmental initiatives include:

Indoor environmental quality

During the construction phase of the office we have used bio products for painting and all the furniture is made by low-emission materials. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Reducing energy consumption and water conservation

We are proud that we have succeeded in reducing the consumption of energy:

  • We have maximized the access of the natural light in our office, which reduces the electricity demands;
  • We have installed energy-efficient light bulbs;
  • We use energy-efficient computers and office equipment;
  • We use energy efficient heating and cooling systems;
  • Automatically sending printers, computers and other office equipment into “power save mode” when not being used;
  • We use the stairs instead of the elevator;
  • We have reduced the use of plastic bottles.

Recycling and waste initiatives

We collect and give all our batteries for recycling. We also collect paper and plastic for recycling.

Reducing paper consumption and printing

  • We use double-sided printing and only recycled copy paper;
  • We print only when necessary;
  • We are constantly reducing the usage of paper;
  • We are in a process of developing electronic templates for our internal and external communication.


We highly encourage the use of public transport or walking. We will reduce non-essential travel by starting to use videoconference.

Encourage all our partners and suppliers to reduce their impact on the environment.

Purchasing bio, recycled and recyclable products as well as reuse goods, when possible.

Comply with all environmental requirements and take environmental considerations into account in decisions we make.

Developing and exploring additional measures for integrating sustainability and improving our standards.

Through all these initiatives Practicing Green is more than a motto - it is a guiding principle that demonstrates our commitments for integration of sustainable practices in our daily lives.