Pro Bono

Devoting our time to pro bono causes is the most valuable experience and it will continue to be an immense part of our practice. We all have a duty to give back to the community!

During our pro bono commitments we are working with the same compassion, diligence, dedication and excellence. We created this initiative with the ambition to bring positive assets to our community and to affirm the position of Kostadinov&Dimitrov Law Firm as an organization, fully committed to the society. We believe that pro bono work is a personal duty to everyone and it can turn into the most rewarding experience for every professional. Moreover, this experience enriches our perspectives, ideas and viewpoints.

Pro bono involvments

Kostadinov&Dimitrov Law Firm has created a pro bono action plan and by following it we have concentrated our commitments on a smaller group of organizations.

Our pro bono priorities are:

  • Teaching and mentoring;
  • Supporting young and ambitious entrepreneurs to set up their companies;
  • Participation in social service programs;
  • Providing applications advice.

We will continue to broaden our pro bono help by:

  • Working with local universities to help students integrate pro bono habits for their future career development;
  • Providing support to students who are already engaged in pro bono projects.